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“When women support each other,
incredible things happen.” – Unknown



Healing      –      Divination


Meditation    –    Women’s

Empowerment through Sisterhood

What to expect......

Sarah will welcome you in and take some time to answer any questions you might have before the circle starts officially.

Then you can leave the rest of life at the zoom door for the next 90 minutes!

It’s a good idea to try and find a quiet corner so you can take full advantage of the circle but no worries if there are kids and other distractions because the session will be recorded for you to view back whenever you can find a quiet moment.

We always start with a meditation to get us in the mood and leave everything else outside for the duration of the circle.

Sarah will then lead the first of our main activities, which will be connected to this months theme. Check out our Facebook page for more info on what that is this month.

We’ll take a break half way through for a drink and a chance to stretch our legs, make new friends and chat.

After the break, Sarah will lead us in the second of our themed activities for the session and finally we’ll do a brief activity that will help us to prepare for going back out into the world.

All women are welcome in our space

Healing Circle

Dates for 2024

2nd July
6th August
3rd September
5th November
3rd December

£5 per person

Come join us!

Why come to a Healing Circle?

  • A safe space for us to heal ourselves from the stress of a busy life
  • Learn how to use common healing tools for yourself
  • Most of us experience aspects of life that are harmful to us, this is a chance to learn how you can manage those things to find whole health, wellbeing, vitality and inner harmony
  • Energy healing can help us to clear away the things we don’t want and live a life more in harmony with our inner selves



Dates for 2024

9th July
13th August 
10th September
15th October
12th November
10th December

£5 per person

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Why come to a Divination Circle?

  • Divination is one of the most popular spiritual pastimes
  • These practices are a powerful tool for helping us understand ourselves and the world around us
  • Divination is a way to bridge the gap between the world we can see and feel and the world underneath that helping us to gain insight into our past, present situation and future potential
  • It’s also a way to develop your intuition and psychic sense, opening up a whole world of deeper understanding and sensing of the world around us


Dates for 2024

16th July
20th August
17th September
22nd October
19th November
17th December

£5 per person

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Why come to a Meditation Circle?

  • Meditation helps to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety
  • It can also help to improve your brain function including supporting better memory recall, focus, cognitive function and levels of concentration
  • Warning – regular practice can lead to better sleep and a deeper sense of inner peace!


Dates for 2024

23rd July
27th August
24th September
29th October
26th November

£5 per person

Come join us!

Why come to a Women's Circle?

  • Women’s circle is a space for all women to connect with other women in a safe space with no judgement, lots of support, guidance and connection with other women who share similar experiences. 
  • Deep connection with other women is something that is sadly missing from our modern world and we aim to help to bring that back in our local community. We need each other for help, support, guidance and for a sense of community.
  • Friendships blossom from spaces like this and we could all do with more solid, healthy friendships!
  • Self-care is a priority within the circle so it’s a chance for you to prioritise yourself for a bit of time each month. 
  • Women’s circles are a space for healing from trauma, loss or difficult experiences. Emotions can be expressed and processed within a safe space and as this space is facilitated by someone who has nearly 20 years experience in this area of inner work, you can be assured that you are safe and well supported. 
  • Women’s circles also provide a space for exploration of our selves, personal growth and development giving us opportunities for learning and self-discovery.

We'd love for you to join us!