In Person Circles

“When women support each other,
incredible things happen.” – Unknown



Drumming    –    Self-Love

Meditation    –    Women’s


Empowerment through Sisterhood

What to expect......

You’ll be met at the door by either Sarah or Fiona. They’ll get you signed in and find you a drink. If you’d like to, you can choose to add something to our weekly altar – perhaps an object you’d like to bring along or some words you’d like to focus on this week, whatever you feel is right.

We’ll take a few minutes to get settled in and leave the rest of life at the door for the next 90 minutes.

Sarah will then lead the first of our main activities, which will be connected to this months theme. Check out our Facebook page for more info on what that is this month.

We’ll take a break half way through for a drink and a chance to stretch our legs, make new friends and chat.

After the break, Sarah will lead us in the second of our themed activities for the session and finally we’ll do a brief activity that will help us to prepare for going back out into the world.

Check out our FAQ’s for more information.

All women are welcome in our space

Drumming Circle

Dates for 2024

4th July
8th August
5th September
10th October
7th November
5th December

£5 per person

Come join us!

Why come to a Drumming Circle?

  • They’re fun, relieve stress and help you find new friends and that’s just a handful of good bits to start!
  • Connecting with others in a meaningful way is one of the key benefits of joining a drumming circle. That shared experience of playing music together is something that has been binding communities together for millenia.
  • Learning to drum helps us to improve our co-ordination and motor skills over time as well as boosting our creativity as we learn to let our inhibitions drop a little and find our own style of playing.
  • Drumming can help us to find some peace in a stressful world. It helps us to focus in the moment and let go of whatever is going on in our world for a short while.  Not only that but because we’re achieving something, it can increase our self-confidence and esteem too.



Dates for 2024

11th July
15th August
12th September
17th October
14th November
12th December

£5 per person

Come join us!

Why come to a Self-Love Circle?

  • This world is so busy it can be hard to see ourselves as we really are. Attending a self-love circle is a powerful to help you recognise your inherent worth and celebrate your unique qualities. 
  • Self-love circle encourages you to prioritise your mental and emotional health, reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  • Developing a strong sense of self and learning to nurture yourself is key to building resilience and enhancing your ability to cope with tough times.
  • Sharing a journey of loving yourself with other people creates a sense of connection and friendship that in turn becomes a supportive network in which you can grow and develop with confidence.



Dates for 2024

18th July

19th September
24th October
21st November

£5 per person

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Why come to a Meditation Circle?

  • Meditation helps to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety
  • It can also help to improve your brain function including supporting better memory recall, focus, cognitive function and levels of concentration
  • Warning – regular practice can lead to better sleep and a deeper sense of inner peace!



Dates for 2024

25th July
29th August
26th September
31st October
28th November

£5 per person

Come join us!

Why come to a Women's Circle?

  • Women’s circle is a space for all women to connect with other women in a safe space with no judgement, lots of support, guidance and connection with other women who share similar experiences. 
  • Deep connection with other women is something that is sadly missing from our modern world and we aim to help to bring that back in our local community. We need each other for help, support, guidance and for a sense of community.
  • Friendships blossom from spaces like this and we could all do with more solid, healthy friendships!
  • Self-care is a priority within the circle so it’s a chance for you to prioritise yourself for a bit of time each month. 
  • Women’s circles are a space for healing from trauma, loss or difficult experiences. Emotions can be expressed and processed within a safe space and as this space is facilitated by someone who has nearly 20 years experience in this area of inner work, you can be assured that you are safe and well supported. 
  • Women’s circles also provide a space for exploration of our selves, personal growth and development giving us opportunities for learning and self-discovery.

We'd love for you to join us!